Blues Jam

Our blues jam is every Wednesday night.
It is an open stage hosted by a house band -
Dave Muskett   Gene Deer   Gordon Bonham   and   Jon Strahl  rotate those duties.

You MUST be 21 with Valid ID to Enter.
27 or Younger REQUIRE at Least 2 Pieces.

There is NO COVER
$3 BudweIser, Bud Light, Bud Select & Kami Kazis
$4 Smirnoff regular & Flavors

The house band starts at 8:30pm and start bringing jammers up around 8:50.

There is a sign-up list that goes out around 7:30pm.
You put your name and instrument down and the house band calls you up.
They attempt to put together a complete band (bass, drums, guitar, harp, vocals, sax, keys, etc.)
from the people that have signed up.

Normally it is fairly close to the order that you signed up, but not always.
People that they don't know tend to have to wait a little longer.
It also depends on what instrument you play.
For instance - if they need a bass player they may need to skip over several other players with different
instruments to get the correct instrumentation for a band.
If there are 6 players in front of you for the same instrument it will take quite a while to get up and play.
Everybody does get a chance to play if they stay throughout the evening (the jam runs until at least 1am).

The backline is provided by R & R Music Central -
guitar amp, harmonica amp, bass amp and drums.

You need to bring your own guitar, drum sticks or whatever.

If you are a keyboard player you need to bring your own keys & amp.

R & R Music Central
104 Northfield Drive
Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 858-3930
(317) 858-8283